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open source network library

About Firebolt

Our goal is to create a simple and well designed object oriented network library. We started this effort by being ourselves in the game developer's position and facing the problem of lack of abstract enough libraries.

We don't want to make another socket abstraction framework we want to make a high level library that will be used to implement any protocol design you can think of. You can forget of socket details. Just design your server/client protocol and implement the states and events that the server and client will use. Then put your protocol logic into each state, define the possible transitions from state to state and that's it.

Among other features we will try putting our best design efforts in creating wraper code that will be used to minimize the effort to use Firebolt library in your already existing game project. It will blend with your game's event system and transparently transport your game events over the network. Lets hope that we make it this far.

Also mysql server support will be available by Firebolt since databases are vital for modern online games.

Of course nothing can prevent use of Firebolt in non-game applications also, so don't worry.

Thank you